Stalking by Cellphone

A fascinating and scary article in the Wall Street Journal about how apparently easy it is to stalk someone by their cellphone GPS system.

There are a few different methods to accomplish this that rely on phone with GPS locator systems. The FCC  mandated in 2005 that cell phone carries have 95% of their phones trackable. This was originally implemented for safety purposes and tracking by 911 operators.

This information can be hacked and access by tech savvy people and security experts. But there are also a number of simpler ways that someone can trace your location.

There are a number of commercial software systems that can be installed on many smartphones, quite possibly without your knowledge.  Systems like mobile spy are designed to be used to monitor the phone usage and location of your child or employee, but can obviously be used by a suspicious or controlling  husband, or anyone else who may have gained access to your phone.

ATT has a family map system option, for families on the same cell phone plan that display each person’s location.

Domestic violence experts and shelter workers know to take apart phones, and remove the battery of someone they fear might be stalked by an abusive husband.

As GPS systems become embedded in more and more mobile phones devices, stalking someone has never been easier.

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