States Consider Drunk Driving, Violent Offender, and Murderer Registries

Online registries for sex offenders are searchable across the country—allowing people to find out where those convicted of sex crimes live and what their offense was. It makes the public feel safe and it gives the lawmakers who proposed and passed the bills a sort of political clout, as they seem most interested in public safety and being tough on the worst criminals of all. But, the sex offender registries have shown little if any impact on recidivism. So, why are lawmakers now suggesting states spend millions on everything from drunk drivers to fierce pets? [Read more…]

More Sexting Stories in Connecticut

The New Haven Register posted a good article on Sexting that approaches the criminal legal aspects of sexting cases rationally. [Read more…]

“Sexting” Dangers Campaign in Pennsylvania

As a follow up to our previous post, the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association is mounting an aggressive statewide educational campaign to warn teens and students of the dangers and criminal penalties involved with “sexting”. [Read more…]

The Crime of “Sexting”

Regardless of the participants of intention, the act of  “sexting”, or sending sexually explicit images via cell phone or computer, is a crime in many circumstances, if the images are of someone under the age of 18. [Read more…]

Vermont Teen Sexting Case Results in Jail Time

An 18 year old in Vermont is being sentence to serve 90 days in jail for criminal charges related to “sexting”. He admitted to receiving sexually explicit pictures on his cell phone.

[Read more…]