License Plate Scanners as Profit Centers

Automatic license plate reader technology has been deployed in police cars across the nation for years now. And adoption rates are skyrocketing, as the systems get cheaper, and the benefits to public safety and efficient police work have become clear.

Typically, the uses for these license plate scanners include locating stolen cars, amber alter searches, finding drivers with outstanding criminal arrest warrants or suspended driver’s licenses, and more. [Read more…]

Massachusetts Appeals Court Cites Melendez-Diaz in Firearm Possession Case

The Melendez-Diaz decision continues to reverberate in criminal court cases that use documentary evidence without expert testimony. In Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Hollister, the Massachusetts Appeals Court determined that a certified document of ballistic evidence in a gun possession case violated the defendants right to confront his accuser, as outlined in Melendez-Diaz. [Read more…]

More Teen Sexting Cases in Pennsylvania

Seven teens in Perry County, Pennsylvania face criminal juvenile charges, as well as school administered punishment, in another teen sexting case. [Read more…]

DNA Evidence in Criminal Cases Can Be Falsified and Manufactured

A new article in the New York Times outlines how comparatively easy it is to falsify DNA evidence in criminal cases. [Read more…]

The Importance of Melendez-Diaz and How it Could Be at Risk

Great post on Melendez-Diaz over at Reason by Radley Balko. He takes the position that the ruling is an important check on an often psuedo-sceintific approach to forensic evidence in criminal cases, and that the decsion could be rolled back or muted in the next Supreme Court session.